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    For those of you who have been following Authors Kitchen for awhile, you’ll probably have seen my little guy Otto.

    Sadly, he passed away on November 1st last year. This isn’t a sad post, though. Our hearts have had time to do a bit of healing, and we recently added a new beagle to our family. Meet Abba!

    We adopted her from the Humane Society on March 29th. She’s about 7 years old, and the cutest, sweetest, most loving dog you could ever meet. She has had some adventures. We took her up to Idaho for the solar eclipse.

    And once or twice a week she goes to daycare where she hangs out with lots of other dogs.

    Or sometimes, just with her buddy and twin.

    When she gets up in the mornings, there’s nothing she likes more than sitting in the sun, looking out my office window.

    Although, more often than not, it turns into sleeping in the window.

    You see, sleeping is actually her favorite pastime.

    So much so, that I hardly have any pictures of her awake, and the ones I do have, well…

    Anyway, I thought it was time to introduce my girlie. I’m sure she’ll be making the occasional appearance in future posts.