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    On Sabbatical

    It's barely August and already my brain has shifted back into calculus and lab report mode.

    Fortunately, I've only got 3 semesters of this shit left. Until then, I plan to (quietly lose my mind and) keep all the cookies to myself. Well, maybe not all to myself. I'll stop by every once in a while if I come up with something particularly interesting. Likely at a time when I've decided that the 3% impact that week's lab report is going to have on my final grade just isn't worth the impact on my mental health. Deciding to not do work offers a wonderfully freeing feeling.

    But don't worry! Taneasha is more than happy to feed you all in my absence. Hell, the woman even invites door to door religion salesmen in for dinner.

    Starting next week, Taneasha takes Tuesday for tips, tricks, and treats! Brought to you by the letter Tau and the number 2.71828.


    Reader Comments (1)

    I haven't heard from the religion salesmen again, so either they didn't like the food, or they didn't like hubby interviewing them the whole time about their sales process. Since I have a feeling they would have preferred to talk about religion, I'm blaming hubby. Don't worry, I promise to keep him away from the blog in your absence.

    August 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTaneasha

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